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Question: How can I have my book or published short story reviewed in Dark Scribe Magazine?

Answer:  As a virtual magazine committed to bringing dark fiction and non-fiction works (horror, dark fantasy, suspense, mysteries, and thrillers) from presses of all sizes to the attention of our readers and subscribers, Dark Scribe Magazine welcomes your review materials. We attract several thousand viewers per month - and that number is growing.

What do we review?

  • Novels and novellas
  • Short fiction (single works) from both print and virtual magazines
  • Short story anthologies (both single author and multi-author collections)

For book and anthology reviews, we require a hardcopy of the work - no PDF's or electronic files.  For short fiction works, we will accept PDF files, links to the published work (if virtual), or hardcopies of the publication in which the work appears.  Query on novella-length works - we may accept PDF or electronic files depending upon the size.

We generally prefer ARC's one to three months prior to the publication date, but do routinely review titles within six months of publication.

Publishers, authors, and agents can send review copies and related press release information to us at our general shipping address:

  • Dark Scribe Magazine
    999-32 Montauk Highway, Suite 203
    Shirley, New York 11967
    Attention: Reviews

Please note that we cannot guarantee a review in our virtual magazine, nor can we guarantee a specific reviewer. As a courtesy, we will endeavor to send you notification if and when a review will be appearing if you include an email contact address with your review materials.

Kindly also note that we do not review works of science fiction at this time. Works containing elements of science fiction are welcome if the primary genre is horror, dark fantasy, suspense, mystery, or thriller.

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