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Contest Promotions

Question: How can I have my title featured as one of DSM's regular contests and reader giveways?

Answer: Dark Scribe Magazine features regular reader contests and giveaways. Authors, publishers, and agents wishing to have a particular title included in one of our contests should query first. Please tell us what you would like to offer as a contest giveaway and any preferences for specific months.

Kindly note that our target audience is readers and dark fiction bibliophiles. Although signed books are the norm in terms of contest offerings, we will consider other collectibles such as signed press kit materials, author photos, and other giveaways tied in to the theme of your book. Be creative and think outisde the box to best grab our readers' attention!

If you are interested in being the subject of one of our contests, please email us at info(at)darkscribepress(dot)com. Be sure to include the words “Contest Query” in the subject line of your email to help us properly and efficiently route your request.

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