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Question: What is Dark Scribe Magazine and how is it different from other online magazines? What services does DSM offer to me - as an author, publisher, or agent?

Answer: Dark Scribe Magazine is a virtual magazine committed to bringing dark fiction and non-fiction works (horror, dark fantasy, suspense, mysteries, and thrillers) from presses of all sizes to the attention of our readers and subscribers. Our virtual magazine attracts several thousand viewers per month and the number is growing.

While there are a number of excellent dark fiction and non-fiction review outlets out there, Dark Scribe Magazine is about the books that keep our readers up at night - and only books. Authors and their books featured on our virtual pages do not share the spotlight with movies or music or other unrelated mediums. Our primary focus remains on authors and books, with a secondary focus on those who support them - artists, web designers, short story fiction markets, etcetera.

In our commitment to supporting dark genre literature, we offer several free promotional opportunites for authors, publishers, and/or agents. Please read below to learn more.

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