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Win 2 Signed Gary Frank Novels!

Winner: Congratulations to Robert Brouhard of Salem, Oregon, who was chosen at random as our winning entry! Thank you to all who entered.

Here’s an exclusive opportunity for one lucky DSM reader to win two signed books from dark scribe Gary Frank. With praise for his work from the likes of the legendary Jack Ketchum and Stoker Award-winner Jonathan Maberry, Frank is one of the newest talents ushering in a whole new generation of horror.

In this new contest, one lucky reader will win signed copies of both Forever You Will Suffer and Institutional Memory, which Frank personally signed for DSM during this year’s BookExpo America.

In Forever You Will Suffer, unsuspecting Rick Summers goes to the cemetery to visit the graves of his mother and sister, killed in a car accident years earlier. He has the cabbie wait for him. But when he gets back into the taxi, he doesn’t have the same driver. His new chauffeur is a re-animated corpse. And he’s about to take a drive into hell. The doors to hell open in the house of his ex-lover, Katarina, where he is delivered by his not-so-sweet-smelling driver. Rick learns that Katarina is missing and has been recently plagued by a stalker. That's just the beginning of the bad news. When the house changes right before their unbelieving eyes, taking them somewhere else, a horrifying mystery begins to unfold. At its heart is unrequited love. And Rick Summers. It seems that several lifetimes ago, Rick, then Thomas, spurned a woman named Abigail. Not a good idea. Because Abigail's great at holding a grudge, some of her best friends are demons, and she's dedicated to keeping a promise she made to Rick long, long ago. "Forever will I remember; forever will you suffer . . ."

Institutional Memory is a cautionary tale of the horrors of corporate life. Standing five-stories tall in a relatively small city, the Howard Phillips building is like any other building: it is secretly inhabited by an entity from another plane of existence that feeds off the energy of the people who work within its walls. Unfortunately, the life form inhabiting this particular building has been infected by a sort of virus of hate; as companies move out and its inhabitants dwindle this alien intelligence has chosen to use fear as a means of obtaining sustenance. It is up to Jon, Marcy, and Bettie to stop this haunting presence before it’s too late.

To enter, simply send an email to DarkScribePress(at)AOL(dot)com with GARY FRANK CONTEST in the subject line. One lucky entry will be chosen at random. Only one entry per email address will be accepted.

This contest has now ended.

For more information on Gary Frank, visit his official author website.

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