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The Frenzy Way / Gregory Lamberson

Medallion Press / June 2010
Reviewed by: Derek Clendening

Of the handful of traditional frights – that would include ghosts, vampires, zombies and assorted funky creatures conjured by an author’s imagination – werewolves seem to receive the least ink. Very often werewolf-themed books are relegated to the Zebra Books catalogues of the world and sometimes for good reason. But such is not the case with Gregory Lamberson’s The Frenzy Way. In this novel, the author of Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons puts forward a fresh examination of lycanthropes and offers readers something brand new.

NYPD cop Anthony Mace has a string of murders on his hands, with some evidence to suggest that his perpetrator is either am actual wolf or some loony dressed up as one. As the story progresses, the murderer grows ever closer, killing some of Mace’s staff and leaving him to wonder if he should pursue his gut instinct. The chapters are prefaced with fictitious academic research from one Professor Terrence Glenzer that adds refreshing new twists to werewolf lore that have been badly needed. Lamberson doesn’t just rehash the same old lycanthropy clichés here. And while this reviewer admits a disdain for just about any horror novel (particularly werewolf novels) with a cop, detective, inspector, chief, private investigator, or constable in the starring role, Lamberson knows how to help curmudgeons like me enjoy a story – regardless of the protagonist’s profession.

The Frenzy Way is superior to Lamberson’s first two books, and it’s clear that he’s found his comfort zone in the novel format. Perhaps this should come as no surprise given that his first few novels were originally conceived as screenplays. But he does find himself in a bit of a catch-22 in The Frenzy Way with his Mace character. By nature, this novel is fast-paced and plot-heavy (which is perfectly acceptable given the target audience), but less time is devoted to getting to know Mace better in favor of the breakneck momentum. The problem for Lamberson here is that trying to do so might mean having to slow down the novel’s intended pace. While Mace is a sympathetic character – he is, after all, a man of high principle and integrity – a reader might not learn as much about him as they might like.

This reviewer believes that good authors pay attention to the details, and the novel’s light police jargon lends a sense of authenticity to the proceedings. On the whole, Lamberson has written a very strong novel that will be very appealing to fans of the Medallion and Leisure horror lines. The Frenzy Way is definitely a cut above other werewolf novels.

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