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“The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallowe’en” / Lisa Morton

from Cemetery Dance #60 / May 2009
Reviewed by: Anthony J. Rapino

I once read that the two most important lines of a story are the first and last. If this is true, “The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallowe’en” starts beautifully with a whopper of a first line: “It was Hallowe’en night, and business was slow at the whorehouse.”

We meet Leona, a levelheaded sixteen-year-old who plays piano and sings for Mamie’s whorehouse. While everyone around her is superstitious, Leona remains unconvinced that Jacky-Ma-Lantern is wandering around on Hallowe’en night. Or that a hoodoo man is capable of bringing a dead boy back to life. So when Lizzie – a fellow working girl who fails to return before sunset and eventually shows up bloodied and stinking – claims to have summoned the devil himself, Leona is not fooled.

Lizzie explains that the devil granted a wish for her, and that a handsome, rich man will come to take her away that very night. Leona’s grip on reality is shaken when a man does show up with a marriage proposal for Lizzie, and her strength is further tested when her own dreams are offered for the taking.

Morton excels at creating a rich setting for her characters to take root. She carefully weaves superstitions and folktales into the narrative, all the while creating a new story from their ashes. Like Robert Johnson meeting the devil at the crossroads, Morton’s own telling feels as if it could have happened just as she describes.

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