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The Black Act / Louise Bohmer

Lachesis Publishing / April 2009
Reviewed by: Michele Lee

The Black Act is a lush, sensory tale of a pair of twins, Anna and Claire, who are the last of a cursed bloodline of wise women. Anna, hard at work as a scribe for their clan, begins having visions of the origins of the curse. Combining these with the knowledge of her elder, Rosalind, Anna must untangle the mystery of the curse in an attempt to prevent her twin, Claire, from falling into its embrace.

Bohmer's writing is beautiful and rich, and her creative abilities shine through in the wild, original fae that inhabit her world. However, there are some aspects of The Black Act that remain a bit sophomoric. For all its sensory indulgences, Bohmer's world remains fairly white bread. At times the characters seem almost interchangeable; men of either race are often untrustworthy or harboring a grudge; women are gentle, humble, and close to all knowing.

If there is a true flaw in The Black Act, it's a lack of forward momentum. More than the first half of the novel is spent explaining how the characters and world got to where it is at page one rather than moving forward from that point. A danger to any tale where the past so heavily affects the lead characters, some readers will be able to revel in the fullness of the world, whereas others will become tired of the prose, no matter how pretty.

Akin to The Witching Hour by Ann Rice, The Black Act shows potential that one hopes will grow and fruit stronger tales, which could undoubtedly be solid additions to the dark fantasy genre.

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