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Chad Helder / Featured Scribe


The Literary Renaissance of the Zombie

Chad Helder has been fascinated with the horror genre since the release of Michael Jackson's Thriller when he was in the fifth grade.

He is the author of two forthcoming comic book lines from Bluewater Productions – Bartholomew of the Scissors and Vincent Price Presents. He is also the author of The Pop-Up Book of Death, his first collection of poetry. Online versions of his poems can be read at his poetry website Queer Poetry. He is also the founder of Unspeakable Horror, a literary website about the horror genre with an emphasis on queer studies.

Chad holds two literary degrees: a BA in English with a minor in creative writing from the University of Northern Colorado and a MA in English from Western Washington University with an emphasis in critical studies. Chad's poetry mentors include James Doyle, Rita Kiefer, and Bruce Beasley. Dr. Janie Hinds was Chad's mentor and inspiration for pursuing literary criticism.

Chad currently teaches Composition and Literature at Whatcom Community College. He lives with his boyfriend Tshombe Brown in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.

Author Website

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